LTA's Padel Programme Teams Up with Skylab for Enhanced Performance Analytics

Skylab:EPA are delighted to announce that LTA Padel has selected our Game Intelligence product and Performance Analysis services to enhance their high-performance program and achieve the best possible outcomes both on and off the court. This partnership is a significant step forward for the sport in Great Britain, as it enables key decision-makers, coaches, and players to make informed decisions, draw accurate conclusions and avoid misinterpretations. 

Previously, Padel players lacked accurate and robust performance data, which made it impossible to analyse the opposition in detail. Coaches couldn't answer their players' key performance questions quickly, and performance directors had to rely on gut feeling and experience when evidencing what elite Padel looks like. However, our product and additional EPA services provide practitioners with insights into the technical and tactical aspects of the game, as well as the physical demands required for elite-level performance. This allows practitioners to understand and predict the future performance of their players, enabling them to make data-informed decisions.

This innovative product and service offer a streamlined experience, acting as an extension of the players and coaches' workflow. Since performance teams in Padel are small, the solution can be adopted quickly and easily. Practitioners can access insights independently, alongside relatable video playlists, which makes the solution user-friendly and accessible.

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