Dartfish Announces Partnership with Skylab: EPA

Dartfish, a leading provider of video analysis solutions for sport is pleased to announce a partnership with Skylab: EPA, a specialist sports technology and performance analysis firm, to launch a new product that allows a practitioner and athlete to interact with detailed match data in an easy-to-use fashion and immediately view automated video playlists.  

The new product combines data delivered in easy-to-digest dashboards and video and will be available to customers this May. The partnership between Dartfish and Skylab: EPA allows for the expertise to collaborate and create a unique solution that provides a deeper understanding of the sport at an accessible price point for all levels.  

Padel Performance Analysis Dashboard and shot map

Laurent Wenker, CCO of Dartfish states: "Until now, coaches identified key trends based on data and reports. By combining video with easy-to-understand dashboards, this upcoming product will further improve coaches' efficiency and effectiveness". 

 "The important of context is imperative to make better evidence-based decisions in Sport. That’s why Skylab are excited to launch our first product in partnership with Dartfish where we combine our Performance Analysis and Creative expertise with Dartfish’s trusted and robust video platform already validated by the market" says Ciaran Skinner, Business Development Manager, Skylab.  

The launch of the partnership marks an important milestone for Skylab: EPA, as their business shifts into product development. Skylab revolutionises how elite sports teams and individuals interact, use, and visualise their data. By packaging performance analysis with industry leading UX and bespoke software, partners will be in the position to make better decisions in sport. 

“Through crafted data visualisation we enrich athletes and coaches to better understand and communicate complex strategies, refine plays, and improve decision-making skills.” Ciaran Skinner Says.  “We understand the importance of context which is why our team of analysts direct the execution of all touch points directly with our design team” 

Ready to gain access to a deeper understanding of the game, personalised analytics and game-changing insights that will give you the competitive advantage? Connect with Ciaran.Skinner@skylab.com to request a demo.

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