Game Intelligence.

In Partnership

Joining forces with Dartfish to revolutionise the game of Padel.

Together, we are empowering athletes and coaches alike with interactive and detailed match data, seamlessly integrated into an intuitive dashboard directly connected to automated video playlists.   

Padel dashboards showing charts, shot map and video

Footage combined with easy-to-understand dashboards

Add a vital layer of context to your reports by linking the relevant rally to every single data point. Coaches and players can now operate at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.  

Padel dashboard with featured chart showing Rally Length product

Under-the-hood of the World’s best 

Interrogate exclusive data generated from the calendar’s top Worldwide Padel competitions and discover what ‘elite’ looks like at your fingertips.

Powered by Dartfish

Leading video analysis platform

Trusted globally by thousands of elite sports, organisations and federations, our partner Dartfish provides access to their leading sports technology platform to organise, view and analyse your video, at an accessible price.

Padel performance analysis dashboard product

Memorability, Interactivity & Exploration

A unique blend of Performance Analysis and Design leads to thoroughly crafted data viz in an engaging digital environment. Allowing coaches and players to ingest performance insights, refine plays and improve decision making skills.

Padel Data points on a comparison chart

Benchmark your own game

Upload your own footage for our analysts to generate data and to deepen your understanding of your game. Spot trends and benchmark across your season and compare to the World’s best.

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