Skylab Announce Performance Analysis Partnership with North American Soccer Club

Lexington Sporting Club, a dynamic, new North American soccer club, due to make their debut in the United Soccer League (USL) next year, has chosen award-winning UK-based sports technology firm, Skylab, to provide Performance Analysis services to drive club success on and off pitch.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, with a rich sporting history in horse-racing, the city has been awarded a League One expansion franchise within the USL, the largest and fastest-growing professional soccer organisation in North America. Together with Skylab: EPA, the club has ambitious and disruptive plans to not only create a soccer club for the city, but create a cultural and sporting legacy.

Lexington Sporting Club, together with Skylab, has a unique opportunity to build upon the growth of soccer in a region with a rich sporting heritage, a vibrant youth soccer environment, and great support from the ownership group and key stakeholders. To maximise this opportunity, Skylab will leverage technology to empower Lexington Sporting Club across multiple touch-points. From Talent ID, Performance Analysis, coach and player development, and recruitment for the expansion teams.

Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis (EPA), the sports performance division of Skylab (sports tech) will be working with Lexington Sporting Club to provide a number of Performance Analysis services to set a foundation for Performance Operations, on which to build a long-term strategy for sustainable success. Services provided by Skylab: EPA will include:

  • Bespoke Data Capture of Lexington Sporting Club’s senior teams, academies and recruitment targets

  • Analysis of the playing styles and trends across the USL League One

  • Build key, insightful and actionable reports for key stakeholders across the club

Sam Stockley (Sporting Director, Lexington Sporting Club): “We are so excited to have Skylab as part of our team moving forward. As we build out our performance operations, our planning sessions with Skylab for the various projects have been fantastic and their expertise will be a huge asset across Lexington Sporting Club. We look forward to embracing innovative strategies and technology across Performance Analysis and Talent ID to service the club to its fullest potential.”

Zak Saucede (Head of Analysis, Skylab: EPA): “Our partnership with Lexington Sporting Club is a really exciting opportunity to support the team with multiple Performance Analysis solutions that will build a dynamic department for the future. Our work will feed into Lexington’s player recruitment process and underpin their game model as they prepare their team for 2023 and future years.”

Ciaran Skinner (Business Development Manager, Skylab): “Everyone at Skylab is delighted to partner with Lexington Sporting Club, at a hugely exciting time for everyone involved. The partnership allows for a full end-to-end delivery of Skylab: EPA’s services where we have the perfect environment to work closely with Lexington’s leadership team to inspire and develop young people, grow talent, and push human performance.”

Adam Collins, (Commercial Director, Skylab): “Working with Lexington presents us with an opportunity to create something incredible with a brand new club in a city with such a strong sporting heritage. There's a strong connection to the cause and we look forward to the years ahead where our work will be crucial to build a legacy for the club.”

About Skylab

Skylab is a first-of-its-kind sports technology firm, offering tailored, market-leading performance analysis and bespoke web platforms to elite sporting clients. It revolutionises how elite sports teams and individuals interact, use, and visualise their data. By packaging performance analysis with industry-leading UX and bespoke software, partners will be in the position to make better decisions in sport. Current clients include elite teams and organisations across Football, Athletics, Tennis, Boxing, Motorsport and more.

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