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Creating a website to showcase an incredible feat of engineering in an environment with the potential to evolve.


Red Bull Advanced Technologies is the world-class design, technology and engineering organisation behind the 4x Drivers and 5x Constructors champions, Red Bull Formula One Team.

Building on their heritage of multiple championship wins, in partnership with Aston Martin, the team has created Valkyrie, a new hyper-car that pushes the envelope of technical engineering.


To announce the Valkyrie to the world, Red Bull Advanced Technologies partnered with Skylab to create a best-in-class digital experience to:

  • Create a website to showcase Valkyrie and other future world-class Red Bull Advanced Technologies projects
  • Provide design and editorial flexibility
  • Create a web environment with the potential to evolve with new projects.

Working with the Red Bull team, we undertook an analysis of their Google Analytics, gaining core insight into user interaction and behaviours on the website.

These insights informed our focus on enhancing User Experience by leveraging clean, bold design elements and subtle animation to make User Journeys intuitive, clear and engaging.


We created a toolkit of page components, providing Red Bull Advanced Technologies with the ability to easily build pages and create powerful, media-rich content quickly, easily and consistently.

With accessibility and the shifting trends of users in mind, we made it so users are able to access the website using any device without compromising on the experience. The high quality look and feel is carried across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms, maintaining high standards for all users.

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