Premier League Club

Building out the Performance Insights team with an eye on long-term success


A Premier League Club building out a new Performance Insights team partnered with us to drive strategic cohesion between teams.  

The club made the decision to create a Performance Insights team to align their internal data analysts from the Academy, right up to the first team. The goal of our partnership was to create a way of working and build the team to ensure effective collaboration, given they had previously worked in Silos.


The purpose of our partnership was for us to provide day to day support and give greater attention to the club’s long-term goals and projects.

With the focus on long-term success, the foundations of the newly formed performance insights team were core to their strategic goals. We ensured the club had an insight on:

  1. Day-to-day operational requirements
  2. Performance Tools to be used (Sportscode, Dartfish, etc)
  3. Money spent
  4. Relationships built across the team

We hosted two group conversations and 4 one-to-one sessions with each analyst, gaining an in-depth understanding of each Individual.

Our role required us to understand theirroles and responsibilities, their success and challenges, point-of-view on the structure of the new team and how they believe the Performance Insights team should progress in the future.

Having gained these insights from the team, we visualised people, processes and relationships against the utility of tools, spend and return on investment.

The information gave the club a clear understanding on how to lay the foundations of the Performance Insights team, as well as how to evolve the team and their delivery process to access short, medium and long term projects.

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