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Identifying prospective players to make the rise to the senior national team.


Going into the 2020 international season, a leading national football organisation came to reform the way in which they track prospective senior internationals.

This required the tracking of all players who played regular football, from Under 16s through to the Seniors, as well as monitoring any and all international fixtures each age group played.


The organisation’s needs required a bespoke code window to be designed in partnership between ourselves and the organisation’s analysts. 

The data was of incredible detail, including KPIs specific to the organisations such as pass / cross / shot quality, in addition to the objective data itself.

IWe used a team of Performance Analysts to provide data capture services on each player, with the data being quality controlled by the Project Leads to ensure consistency across the team and keep standards high.


Over 300,000 minutes of data were analysed, with data collected for over 200 players over the course of a season.

The insight gleaned from this data informed team selections and the level at which youth players should be playing. During our partnership, the organisation gave full international caps to 20 players, 14 of which made the Euro 2020 squad, with 4 of those playing in the final.

The performance insights gained from our work enabled the organisation to build a solid foundation for their Senior first team.

Post European Championships, the performance data captured and insights gained during our partnership allowed the organisation to have a more future-focused, comprehensive view on how to benchmark prospective players.

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