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Using performance insights to identify areas to take advantage of in Team Time Trials.


The Team Time Trial (TTT) is a core fixture in the professional road cycling calendar, with teams racing against the clock in a road-based course.

As a single event, the discipline allows teams an opportunity to demonstrate their strength as a team at their fullest potential. Unlike Individual Time Trial (ITT) events, racing ahead of the pack can prove to be detrimental in TTT events, making team cohesion and management key.


We were approached by a top ranked cycling team looking to gain deeper and more useful insight into the TTT, enabling them to understand the race better and implement strategies to improve their performance in the event. 

To support their goals, they partnered with us to provide insight for all TTTs in the 2018 and 2019 Road Cycling seasons. Our insight and methodology included:

  1. A report of each TTT including all key statistics broken down per rider and their position on the line.
  2. Video output with an overlay added to provide information regarding rider position and performance information
  3. Interactive Performance graphs
  4. Processed and audited data outputs

Our work provided the team with strategic insight into the efficiency of rides, resulting in improved performance of the team in TTTs.

Further to this, we were able to highlight and provide insight regarding which positions on the line are the most labour intensive, informing the teams strategy in approaching the TTT as a discipline.

With the performance gaps between riders becoming tighter, data and insights are critical in finding points of difference.

Our partnership with the team resulted in a number of TTT victories across the globe in 2018 and 2019, a significant achievement considering they had experienced no TTT victories in 2017.

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