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England Athletics is the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running clubs in England. Facilitating casual, amateur, and senior competitions, participation schemes and running clubs.

With more than 2,600 road race licenses, nearly 150,000 registered athletes, 2.4 million people running weekly and 1 million doing some form of track and field in the last year, England Athletics are the second-largest English National Governing Body, measured by participation.


With England Athletics new organisational goals embracing the digital world, they partnered with Skylab to modernise the England Athletics website, and create a foundation they can build upon and utilise as an effective channel: 

  • Develop digital brand guidelines with a focus on mobile
  • Provide a digital toolkit, enabling England Athletics flexibility to grow and change the site as needed

One of the biggest complaints from users of the old website was that it was "difficult to find content".

Skylab led England Athletics through a content strategy that included user testing to ensure the content would be categorised appropriately and that navigating the site would be an intuitive process.

Card sorting tests and Treejack surveys were conducted to generate quantitative data and insights that would inform information architecture decisions.

England Athletics required the flexibility to adapt their new website on a regular basis to focus on the numerous campaigns and events they run throughout the year.


Skylab designed and developed a toolkit of page components that England Athletics can content manage.

Total flexibility of these components enables England Athletics to regularly transform their home page and focus on key messages throughout the year.


As a National Governing Body, England Athletics represents a diverse range of audiences, from recreational runners to professional track and field athletes, from parents to coaches and officials.

Skylab’s multisite solution allows England Athletics to create new websites as and when they are required (marketing campaigns, initiatives, events, etc.). Each website is focused on a particular audience and their respective needs, creating a better user experience. This capability makes England Athletics more agile and reduces costs significantly.

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