Moredon Sporting Hub

Creating a compelling brand identity to launch a new £6.3m sports hub


Moredon Sporting Hub is an ambitious sports & leisure scheme, launched Summer 2024.

Delivered by Swindon Borough Council and operated by North Central Swindon Parish Council, the complex is aimed at all ages and abilities across the community. From regular players looking for a high quality sporting venue, through to those who haven’t played in a long time and people who are new to sport.

The hub features a floodlit all weather 3G football pitch, 1 km competition level cycling circuit, BMX pump track, natural cricket and football pitches, plus pavilion with community café, reception and changing areas. 

The project is funded by Swindon Borough Council, Central Swindon North Parish Council, Sport England, British Cycling, and the Football Foundation.


Develop an identity that draws in footfall, loyalty and champions health & wellbeing to all.

The key tasks:

  • Conduct research & identify the core audience profile 
  • Produce inspiration boards & establish an effective creative direction 
  • Design & develop a core design system, including logo, colour palette & typography
  • Create Brand Guidelines to outline the usage of logo & fonts through to photography
  • Rollout the brand identity across all marketing materials
Examples of Moredon's social media templates on mobile screens

A Design System that is Unapologetically Bold & Impactful.

Once the key goals for the new brand identity had been established, we explored a number of progressive graphical devices, that could hold colour, shapes and text to reveal the multifaceted nature of Sport and the hub.

We developed a new logo, made bold typographic and fresh colour choices, plus established stylistic routes for secondary elements such as further graphical shapes, photography and image treatment.

The brand elevates existing council materials, whilst also establishing Moredon Sporting Hub as a vibrant new destination with diverse, cross-generational appeal. The brand embraces the energy of sports, while also highlighting its ability to unite.

Close up of typography examples

The language between Moredon Sporting Hub & their target audience.

Typographic choices formed a key part of the brand identity.  

The modern, sans serif ‘Poppins’ typeface was chosen for logo and headings, set in uppercase. The ‘Black Italic’ weight provides a sense of strength and confidence, with angles suggesting forward movement, energy and progression. All in line with Moredon Sporting Hub’s brand values. This font retains readability at small sizes, making it ideal for headings and other secondary design elements.  

Bolder text is paired with the slightly rounded, contemporary ‘Barlow’ typeface for body copy, with generous line height. A clear, stylish and versatile grotesk typeface, originally inspired by Californian public signposting, this provides an aesthetically pleasing balance with the main font choice. Available in various weights, offering flexibility and a strong level of legibility for longer passages of text. 

Designer working on logo design on a laptop

A logo evolved for the future, rooted in the past.

We worked to create a logo that truly aligns with the goals of Moredon Sporting Hub, whilst at the same time representing the existing council brand.  

We focused on an angled, isometric style to the new logo - evolving Central Swindon North Parish Council‘s existing ‘cube’ logo and various green colourways, and working them into a completely new identity.  

Iconography for the hub’s three main sports of football, cricket and cycling are incorporated into a rounded cube logomark, to give a clear indication of the focus of the hub.  

The logomark is paired with stylish bold, uppercase type set in italic, to both appeal to a modern demographic, and provide a sense of movement and motion.  

Close up of blocks of primary and secondary colours

Colour choices that truly reflect Moredon’s brand values.

The client wished to retain shades of green from the council's existing logo and brand materials for a cohesive look and feel, which worked as a strong basis for our primary colour palette. 

Green values were selected for use in the logo and supporting graphics, forming a core part of the brand identity. They suggest a sense of growth, connection to nature and outdoor sports. With bold, black text adding an element of power and strength. 

A secondary colour palette was also developed to help inject additional vibrancy to the brand identity. Yellows were chosen to evoke happiness and optimism. Light blue and turquoise colours suggest calm and tranquility.  

All colour choices reflect the mindset that the client wishes to instill in users of the hub, and create a positive association with the Moredon brand. 

Screenshots of graphical elements being designed

A unified brand identity that spreads the joy of diversity.

The final stage of the project involved rollout of the brand identity to a consistent, flexible suite of brand assets with both ‘Instagrammability’ for a modern, social-media friendly demographic, and appeal to a diverse audience. 

This comprehensive collection included key graphical elements, brand imagery, social media assets, signage designs, flyers, document templates, email templates and presentation deck layouts. 

Various sports are represented through angled iconography, combined with a contemporary cutout-out photography style – carefully designed and selected to appeal to a broad range of ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

Supporting graphical elements are based around angled shapes and icons in the logo, utilising the secondary colour palette and providing an additional sense of movement and excitement. 


Following the July 2024 launch, we look forward to seeing Moredon Sporting Hub thrive and become a fundamental part of the local community over the coming years.

By understanding the hub's goals, then building and executing the brand identity from scratch, Skylab has provided maximum opportunity for Moredon to carry out effective campaigns that reach and inspire people to be more active.

The improved visibility and positive perception are designed to contribute directly to Moredon's strategic and social objectives and, consequently, achieve higher ROI for the hub and the council.

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