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A world leading tennis association wanted to increase the volume of match analysis data collected to support a range of Performance Analysis questions and projects.

The project reduces the amount of time that their technical staff spent collecting data and in turn, they can focus more on high-impact tasks.


The data collected for the association had to be high quality, delivered within quick timeframes (24 or 72 hours), and support different areas of tennis. This includes singles, doubles, able-bodied, wheelchair, pro tour and pathway.

To set the benchmark of performance data in the sport, it was important to collect a greater level of detail too, including shot-level data that utilised X-Y coordinates to identify court position on both contact and bounce. 

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After a process of understanding the different Tagging Panels and Operational Definitions of each data-point to be collected, we trained Skylab’s team to generate this information to the correct standard and process of data capture. 

The association request matches to be tagged and our Project Lead communicates the request to our Video Analysts, who tag the match. On completion, our Analysts and Project Lead work through our Quality Control process to ensure high standards of data accuracy. The data is shared back to the association to complete their analysis process. 

The project has been running since 2019 and we continue into our fourth year of service in 2022.

Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis collected data on more than 3000 matches and over 600,000 shots.


Significantly increased volumes of match data for the association; we contributed to 65% of total matches tagged. 

It gives time back to the Performance Analyst to focus on their analysis projects. The data collected feeds into multiple areas for the association, including: 

  • Tournament Support 
  • Player Development 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Player Reviews & Selection 
  • Game Intelligence Questions / ‘What It Takes to Win’ 


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