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Creating a Predictive Model for a player's potential rankings


The goal was to create a web-based tool whereby a coach/analyst could input a player’s age and ranking, and using Data Science methods, the tool would predict the likelihood of players reaching a ranking threshold (Top 50, Top 100, etc) in their next phase of development.  

In Sports today, governing bodies have access to abundant data but is it leveraged to its full potential? A step further, do practitioners have the ability themselves to interrogate the data and make more evidence-based decisions?

Skylab developed a tool that utilised over 30 years of ATP and WTA ranking data, and the outcomes would support decision-makers in selecting players for the NGB’s funded support programmes.    

The insights delivered would complement the wider considerations when deciding which players to enrol for what support programme.

The NGB makes more efficient and valuable decisions towards meeting its objectives. 


To find out more, contact ciaran.skinner@skylab.com

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