England Athletics Restructure

Adapting the organisation's online presence to enhance the user experience


England Athletics is the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running clubs in England. Facilitating casual, amateur, and senior competitions, participation schemes and running clubs.

With more than 2,600 road race licenses, nearly 150,000 registered athletes, 2.4 million people running weekly and 1 million doing some form of track and field in the last year, England Athletics are the second-largest English National Governing Body, measured by participation.


Following a review of the existing site and user behaviour, the structure and navigation required a complete overhaul due to too many top-level items, too many sections and levels causing users to become easily lost within the site content. 

Within the EA digital estate there are a total of 9 environments which, from the main website, were hard to find and often created a broken user experience.  

England Athletics came to us to fulfil:  

  • A revised user experience that is simple and intuitive to use 
  • A clear, consistent look and feel, with a well-structured, easy to use navigation 
  • Restructured site content that was easy to digest and better suited for search engines 

One of the biggest challenges for users was that content was difficult to find.

Too many items within the navigation caused confusion, and a lack of visual hierarchy that meant that items were competing. The order of items didn’t align with data provided from GA in terms of hierarchy and the use of breadcrumbs were highly inconsistent across the site.

With unclear sign posts to deeper levels, 4th & 5th level content was almost impossible to access.

All of this combined meant that the users often found themselves frustrated and at dead ends, resulting in a low % of return users.

Skylab focused on delivering a thorough analysis of relevant insight software and users; who are they, what do they need to do & what do we need them to do.

With this we were able to define a new site structure and content hierarchy including migration of multi micro-sites into the singular site to reduce number of steps along key user journeys​.

We restructured pages and differentiation of content and templates​ used. We redesigned the navigation, and definition of visual hierarchy and consistency. ​


With the website restructure launching only in May 2023, we are already seeing positive results based on a YoY comparison. Over time, we expect to see these results continue to head in a positive direction.​

Decrease in bounce rate
Increase in sessions per user
Decrease in pages per session

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