Data Science & Analytics

Tracking and event data give you the basics of what an elite sporting organisation should know, data science takes you beyond.

Our in-house Data Scientists design data-led, insight informed, mathematical solutions to answer your performance questions and move you beyond the competition.


The storing and processing of data varies across the Performance Analysis industry and it is vital that you are set up correctly to maximise your analytics.

We understand the infrastructure that sports teams need in order to warehouse information, explore it and then visualise it. We are at the forefront of technical innovation, understanding the tools required to future proof your work, across Data Analytics and DevOps/Cloud services.

Beyond this, we can add Data Science services to help answer your performance questions.

Skylab apply these skills through bespoke projects where we build performance tools, such as predictive models, that can assess players career progression based on historical ranking data.

Data science and analytics applied

What we offer


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