Data Capture

Data capture can be time-consuming and needs to be performed in a robust, accurate fashion. You need one source of truth.

We use a 7 step CaptureRight process to ensure that the analysis you are performing is based on the right information and in line with your specific definitions.


Capturing and tagging video can take up a large proportion of an analysts day-to-day, reducing the time spent exploring data and feeding back information.

For some sports teams, analysts tag with specific operational definitions yet generate low volumes of information, for other teams they can access vast volumes of data, however it is not aligned to their coaching philosophies. This presents problems for analysts who want to scale their data capture whilst keeping their bespoke definitions.


Our CaptureRight process enables analysts to collect more data that is specific to their needs.

This process has helped major organisations to answer wider performance questions, prepare opponents in greater detail and cover a broader spectrum of the player pathway up to the professional game, all the while reducing tagging time.

Data capture in action

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