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How do you bring multiple stakeholders on the performance data journey?

The Hub is a bespoke, cloud-based solution that brings data to life and is used by the world’s leading sporting organisations.


Enhance a practitioner's ability to interrogate and analyse information with a wider view.

Bringing together numerous video and data sources into a single space enables support staff to work in a multi-disciplinary way and connect with coaches and key stakeholders. How this information is explored and visualised is paramount, and landing your message is key.

Connecting this rich information into one hub has significant benefit for how analysts, sport scientists and stakeholders review and share information to greater inform decision making.


We understand the disparate nature of multiple video data sources, software, apps and logins.

We combine the capabilities of Applied Performance Analysts, Web & App Developers and UI/UX designers, all in-house, to create bespoke software solutions, and core tools to address the challenges you face.

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