Economy & Sport Intertwine, Mortality Rates Reduced and More...

The Touchdown is our weekly overview of the sports industry, insight as to where it currently stands and, more importantly, where it is going.

This week we look at data rights in professional football, insights into the English Cricket Board's (ECB) selection process and player pathways, and the first ever all-female MotoGP crew.

McKinsey & Company: The Value Pitch


McKinsey & Company have endeavoured to identify the key elements of sporting and economic success in football. They looked at the value that the 69 most valuable European clubs have generated in the last five years - with success driven by optimising the market value of the team and viewing the team as a portfolio of assets that generate value. 

The full report can be found here.

Racquet Sports Take the Top Spot for Reducing Mortality Rate


Research from the National Cancer Institute gathered data on 272,500 adults between 59-82 years old and found that playing sports, like tennis, for at least 2.5 hours each week could reduce a person’s all-cause risk of death by 16%. Running was a close second, with a 15% reduction.

The Role of Challenge in Talent Development


Research published in the MDPI looked to examine the mechanisms for development in high-performance sport through retrospective interviews, focusing on the nature and impact of challenge in the experiences of high-level rugby players.

Data suggests the importance of negative experiences in the development of performers and performance; however, the impact is dependent on both the skills of the individual and the style, timing and context of the challenge.

These challenges offered developmental opportunities wider than just learning to cope, and highlights the need for coaches and others to develop the appropriate attitudes and approach to challenge. 

Gaelic Games Sports Science Working Group Release Performance Analysis Guide


The Gaelic Games Sports Science Working Group produced their Performance Analysis Guide for Good Practice this week. The 29 page document focuses on six key areas that PA can support coaches and players and provides details for all stakeholders across the Gaelic Games landscape. 

To view the full guide, you can find it here.

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