Touchdown #3 - A World Cup Special

The Touchdown is our weekly overview of the sports industry, insight as to where it currently stands and, more importantly, where it is going.

The World Cup has showcased cutting-edge technology and innovation with converged offerings across performance analysis, fan engagement, and officiating.   

Touchdown #3 is a World Cup special sharing our leading stories across the football landscape.   

Wales’ Chief Football Officer, Dr David Adams, discusses international trends in football as the global game is closer than ever. Click here for The Independent share his thoughts with previous FC Barcelona general manager Pep Segura.

A glimpse into the future as spectators have live metrics in their own hands with FIFA+’s AR feature.  

Premier League analysts investigate the impact telestration has on professional footballers' memory recall and publish their research with the University of Worcester in the Sports Innovation Journal.

Leading practitioners launch Performance Analysis association where you can check out their key objectives here.

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