Digital Strategy

Everything we do starts from single-minded objectivity. We never lose sight of the true aims of a project and never leap at the answer.

What we do

We employ rigour and think through solutions carefully to offer our clients an industry-leading level of service. This allows us to create data driven, award winning digital experiences and strategies with:

  • Fan experience & engagement platforms
  • Membership & loyalty platforms 
  • Live event platforms 
  • Ticketing & retail (eCommerce)
  • Fan monetisation
  • Membership strategy (acquisition, growth & retention) 
  • Data management strategy
  • Fan personalisation 
  • Commercial growth strategies and roadmaps

Technical Strategy

Often, development is an afterthought. At Skylab, we apply our development thinking at the very start of any project, inspiring confidence by taking the time to plan our projects with detailed technical documentation. Our approach is robust to ensure we are armed to leverage technology to get the most out of your websites and applications, in any given situation.

Everything we do is designed and built from the ground up to encourage a modular and extensible approach to web development. Functionality requirements are rarely static for very long, so this modular approach ensures that your website can evolve with your organisation.

Data & Insights

Understanding your user’s behaviours, personas, goals, and the wider industry informs our approach to everything we do, from how the site looks and interactions through to your wider business roadmap.  

Working collaboratively, we'll use key findings from our discovery phase to help inform and define a clear strategy, outlining key user objectives and the problems we wish to solve.

  • Google Analytics & heat mapping analysis
  • User research
  • Market research
  • User persona creation
  • Site architecture & user journey creation 
  • Wireframes and prototyping

Data capture in action

Other services


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