Who Are Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis

In August this year, Skylab merged with sports performance analysis firm Insight Analysis and created Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis (EPA), a division of Skylab providing sports analysis and data services to elite sports organisations. With Skylab’s vast experience with world leading sport organisations in the web development and digital strategy industry, the introduction of Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis just made sense.

Here at Skylab, we are committed to effecting powerful, positive change in sport and, with Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis, we ensure organisations make better decisions both on and off the pitch.

What do we do?

Skylab: EPA provides many Performance Analysis and Data Science services to elite athletes, sports organisations and clubs. These services include:

  • Discovery
    Data is ubiquitous in sport but the quality and usage can be poor, leading to incorrect performance decisions. Our discovery service means you can find and fill potential gaps in your tools, processes or data analysis.
  • Data Capture
    Data Capture can be time-consuming, however it is vital to understanding high-performance sport and needs to be robust, accurate and targeted.
  • Performance Analysis and Insights
    How do you know you are asking the right questions? Our Performance Analysis and Insights projects and services mean you can gain actionable insights from your data.
  • Data Science and Analytics
    Tracking and event data give you the basics of what an elite sporting organisation should know, data science takes you beyond this. Our Data Scientists build mathematical solutions and models to answer your specific performance questions.
  • Intelligence and Storytelling
    Bringing your stakeholders along your data and insights journey is vital and having all that information in one place is key. The Hub is a bespoke, cloud-based solution which brings your data to life.
  • People & Training
    The world of Performance Analysis is constantly evolving, meaning continual professional development is required to maintain a lead on the competition.
  • Software Development
    Every elite sports organisation is facing the same challenge: how do we bring together disparate sources of data into one hub with ease? We, alongside the Web-Development division of Skylab, build bespoke cloud-based platforms empowering you to make better decisions in sport. 

Who do we work with?

Beginning as a Performance Analysis division for the RFU in 2005, Skylab: EPA has since branched out into sports both nationally and internationally across Rugby, Football, Tennis, Snowsports and more.

Skylab: EPA clients include Premier League teams, National Tennis organisations, organisations involved in milestone sporting moments and more. (include logos of organisations below). 

If you’d like to learn more about what we do at Skylab: Elite Performance Analysis and would like to know how our services can be of benefit to you, please get in touch at hello@studioskylab.com

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