Bespoke v Off The Shelf Solutions

Whilst Off The Shelf products can provide short-term convenience, they can force compromise when it comes to growing and adapting organisations. Bespoke software solutions are built with an organisation's needs at their core, ensuring the bespoke platform is as future-proofed as possible. 

Both Bespoke and Off The Shelf solutions have their benefits, however here are five key reasons why a bespoke platform will be a more effective investment in the long term. 

On Scope

No one organisation is the same and so no one organisation’s needs are the same. Based on a clearly defined brief and project specification, the end product will be exactly to your specific vision and needs. This means there will be no bloated functionality included and there is the potential for great scalability, future proofing your software. 


A bespoke, from-the-ground-up build means the platform will be naturally more secure than off-the-shelf solutions. Everything is built systematically, layer upon layer and they use fewer plugins, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities in the system. 

Set the Trend

Generic, Off-the-shelf platforms are part of the flock. Slightly branded UX over generic components and generic UI does not equal a bespoke experience reflecting your brand or organisations. If an experience is to excite a user, it must be approached with that user in mind - if not, it risks low levels of engagement and low user participation. 

Greater Control

When building a bespoke platform, one controls both the front end but also the admin functionality in the backend. Going down the Bespoke platform route, organisations can ensure their site is able to be used by non-technical users, reducing reliance on developers.

Cost Effective

Although the initial outlay is higher, a bespoke software solution is more cost-effective in mid to long term due to the ease with which you can flex and scale your platform. 

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